Discussion Papers

issued dateauthorstitleDP No.HERMES-IR
February 2017Xin Meng, Hikmet Gunay Exposure Problem in Multi-Unit Auctions --> abstractHIAS-E-43
January 2017Hodaka Morita, Cheng-Tao TangAsset Specificity, Human Capital Acquisition, and
Labor Market Competition --> abstract
January 2017Tatsuyoshi OkimotoExpected Inflation Regimes in Japan --> abstractHIAS-E-41linklink
December 2016Zhan Qu, Horst Raff, and Nicolas SchmittA Theory of Intermediation in Supply Chains Based on Inventory Control --> abstract HIAS-E-40linklink
December 2016Katsuo Kogure and Yoshito TakasakiConflict, Institutions, and Economic Behavior: Legacies of the Cambodian Genocide --> abstractHIAS-E-39linklink
December 2016Takashi KanoTrend Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics: A New Keynesian Approach --> abstractHIAS-E-38
November 2016 Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin JeonA Leverage Theory of Tying in Two-Sided Markets --> abstract HIAS-E-37link
November 2016
Krzysztof Karbownik and Anthony WrayLong-run Consequences of Exposure to Natural Disasters --> abstractHIAS-E-36link
October 2016Peter H. LindertPurchasing Power Disparity: Who Could Consume More before 1914? --> abstractHIAS-E-35linklink
September 2016Yosef Mealem, Shmuel Nitzan, and Takashi UiThe Advantage of Dual Discrimination in Lottery Contest Games --> abstractHIAS-E-34linklink
September 2016Yutaka KayabaHow do People Procrastinate to Meet a Deadline?--> abstractHIAS-E-33linklink
September 2016
revised February 2017
Ricard Gil, Myongjin Kim and Giorgio ZanaroneThe Value of Relational Adaptation in Outsourcing: Evidence from the 2008 shock to the US Airline Industry --> abstractHIAS-E-32linklink
August 2016Jacques Silber and Yongsheng XuThe Health Equivalent Adjusted Level (HEAL): Taking an Ordinal Approach to the Measurement of a Society's Health Achievements--> abstractHIAS-E-31
June 2016Peter H. LindertReal and Imagined Threats to the Welfare State --> abstractHIAS-E-30linklink
May 2016Ye Ma and Herman de JongUnfolding the Turbulent Century: A Reconstruction of China's Economic Development, 1840-1912 --> abstractHIAS-E-29linklink
May 2016Jean-Pascal Bassino and Pierre van der EngAsia's `Little Divergence' in the 20th Century: Evidence from PPP-Based Direct Estimates of GDP per Capita, 1913-1969 --> abstractHIAS-E-28linklink
May 2016P. Guerron-Quintana, Atsushi Inoue, and Lutz KilianImpulse Response Matching Estimators for DSGE Models --> abstractHIAS-E-27linklink
May 2016Yohei YamamotoBootstrap Inference for Impulse Response Functions in Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressions --> abstract HIAS-E-26linklink
April 2016P. Bharadwaj, L.K. Lakdawala, and N. LiPerverse Consequences of Well-Intentioned Regulation: Evidence from India's Child Labor Ban --> abstractHIAS-E-25linklink
March 2016S. Nitzan and U. UedaSelective Incentives and Intra-Group Heterogeneity in Collective Contents --> abstractHIAS-E-24linklink
March 2016Y. Kayaba, H. Matsushima, and T. ToyamaAccuracy and Retaliation in Repeated Games with Imperfect Private Monitoring: Experiments and Theory --> abstractHIAS-E-23linklink
March 2016J. Bassino and J. BatenA Curse of 'Point Source' Resources? Cash Crops and Numeracy on the Philippines 19th–20th Centry --> abstractHIAS-E-22linklink
March 2016R. Ben-Yashar and S. NitzanIs Diversity in Capabilities Desirable When Adding Decision Makers? --> abstractHIAS-E-21linklink
March 2016D. Bhattacharya, W.H. Li, and S.G. RheeDoes Better Corporate Governance Encourage Higher Payout? Risk, Agency Cost, and Divided Policy --> abstractHIAS-E-20linklink
March 2016T. KanoExchange Rates and Fundamentals: A General Equilibrium Exploration --> abstract HIAS-E-19linklink
December 2015F. Moriya and T. YamashitaAsymmetric Information Allocation to Avoide Coordination Failure --> abstractHIAS-E-18linklink
December 2015P. A. Guerron-Quintana and R. JinnaiLiquidity Shocks and Asset Prices --> abstractHIAS-E-17linklink
December 2015C. W.S. Chen, M. M.C. Weng, and T. WatanabeEmploying Bayesian Forecasting of Value-at-Risk to Determine an Appropriate Model for Risk Management--> abstractHIAS-E-16linklink
December 2015G. Abebe, B. Tekle, and Y. ManoChanging Saving and Investment Behavior: the Impact of Financial Literacy Training and Reminders on Micro-Businesses--> abstractHIAS-E-15linklink
October 2015P. A. Guerron-Quintana and R. JinnaiFinancial Frictions, Trends, and the Great Recession --> abstractHIAS-E-14linklink
November 2015
T. Kano and K. WadaThe First Arrow Hitting the Currency Target: A Long-run Risk Perspective
--> abstract
October 2015J. Ishikawa and N. TaruiBackfiring with Backhaul Problems
Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs --> abstract
August 2015C. Azemar, R. Desbordes and I. WootonCountry Size and Corporate Tax Rate: Rationale and Empirics --> abstract, paper
September 2015K. Miyagiwa and Y. SatoIllegal Immigration and Multiple Destinations --> abstract
September 2015J. P. Choi and H. GerlachA model of Patent Trolls --> abstract
August 2015J. P. Choi and C. StefanadisMonitoring, Cross Subsidies, and Universal Banking --> abstract
September 2015C. Chen, W. Tian, and M. YuOutward FDI and Domestic Input Distortions: Evidence from Chinese Firms--> abstract
August 2015R. Belderbos, V. Gilsing, and Y. WanDirect and Mediated Ties to Universities: 'Scientific' Absorptive Capacity and Innovation Performance of Pharmaceutical Forms --> abstractHIAS-E-6linklink
August 2015K. Miyagiwa and Y. WanPharmaceutical Patents and Generic Entry Competition: the Role of Marketing Exdusivity --> abstract2015-05linklink
July 2015Y. YamamotoAsymptotic Inference for Common Factor Models in the Presence of Jumps --> abstractHIAS-E-4linklink
February 2015X. Chen and A. WoodlandPopulaton Aging, Education and Skill Premium in International Trade --> abstract2015-03link
May 2015K. Miyagiwa, A. Sissoko, and H. SongThe Free-Rider Problem and the Optimal Duration of Research Joint Ventures: Theory and Evidence from the Eureka Program --> abstract2015-02linklink
May 2015A. Creane and K. MiyagiwaExporting versus Foreign Direct Investment: Learning through Propinquity --> abstract
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