issued dateauthorstitleDP No.HERMES-IR
October 2018Jay Pil Choi, Taiji Furusawa and Jota IshikawaTransfer Pricing and the Arm's Length Principle under Imperfect Competition --> abstractHIAS-E-73linklink
August 2018Yohei YamamotoIdentifying Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregression Models via Changes in Shock Variances--> abstract HIAS-E-72linklink
June 2018Hyunbae Chun, Jung Hur, and Nyeong Seon SonHollowing Out or Filling In? Impacts of Multinational Enterprises on Domestic Plant Turnover and Job Growth in Factory Asia --> abstractHIAS-E-71linklink
June 2018Jakob B MadsenIs Inequality Increasing in r - g? The Dynamics of Capital's Income Share in the UK, 1210-2013-->abstractHIAS-E-70linklink
May 2018Kazushi Takahashi and Yukichi Mano, Keijiro OtsukaSpillovers as a Driver to Reduce Ex-post Inequality Generated by Randomized Experiments: Experiments from an Agricultural Training Intervention -->abstractHIAS-E-69llinklink
April 2018Jae-Young Kim and Woong Yong ParkSome Empirical Evidence on Models of the Fisher Relation: Post-Data Comparison --> abstractHIAS-E-68linklink
April 2018Arghya Ghosh and Jota IshikawaTrade Liberalization, Absorptive Capacity and the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights-->abstractHIAS-E-67linklink
March 2018Nobuyuki KanazawaThe Public Investment Multipliers:
Evidence from Stock Returns of Narrowly Defined Industry in Japan --> abstract
March 2018Asit Banaerji, Jun Goto, Hironori Ishizaki, Takashi Kurosaki, Kaushalesh Lal, Shampa Paul, Yasuyuki Sawada, and Shunsuke Tsuda Enterpreneurship in Micro and Small Enterprises —Empirical Findings from Resurveys in Northeastern Areas of Delhi, India— --> abstractHIAS-E-65linklink
March 2018Nobuyuki KanazawaRadial Basis Functions Neural Networks for Nonlinear Time Series Analysis and Time-Varying Effects of Supply Shocks --> abstractHIAS-E-64linklink
January 2018Paul S. Segerstrom and Yoichi SugitaA Solution to the Melitz-Trefler Puzzle --> abstractHIAS-E-63linklink
December 2017Yoichi SugitaA Matching Theory of Global Supply Chains --> abstractHIAS-E-62linklink
December 2017Ruth Ben-Yashar and Shmuel NitzanA Note on the Possible Advantage of Size Flexibility in Committees --> abstractHIAS-E-61linklink
December 2017Satoshi Nakada, Shmuel Nitzan, and Takashi UiRobust Voting under Uncertainty -->abstractHIAS-E-60linklink
November 2017Ruth Ben-Yashar, Miriam Krausz and Shmuel NitzanThe Effect of Democratic Decision Making on Investment in Reputation --> abstract HIAS-E-59linklink
October 2017Yunjong Eo and Denny LieThe Role of Inflation Target Adjustment in Stabilization Policy -->
October 2017Jota Ishikawa and Norio TaruiBackfiring with Backhaul Problems:
Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs (Revised Version of HIAS-E-12) --> abstract
October 2017Jota Ishikawa, Hodaka Morita, and Hiroshi MukunokiParallel Imports and Repair Services--> abstract HIAS-E-56linklink
October 2017Aya Suzuki, Yukichi Mano, and Girum AbebeEarnings, Savings, and Job Satisfaction in a Labor-intensive Export Sector:
Evidence from the Cut Flower Industry in Ethiopia --> abstract
September 2017Yukichi Y. Mano, Kazushi Takahashi, and Keijiro OtsukaContract Farming, Farm Mechanization, and
Agricultural intensification:
The Case of Rice Farming in Cote d’Ivoire --> abstract
September 2017Mehdi Arzandeh and Hikmet GunayTariffs, R&D, and Two Merger Policies--> abstractHIAS-E-53linklink
August 2017Kazuko Kano and Takashi KanoReal Exchange Rates and Currency Regimes:
Implications from 1972 Okinawa Reversion --> abstract
# Paper is written in Japanese.
July 2017Mark Koyama, Chiaki Moriguchi and Tuan-Hwee SngGeopolitics and Asia's Little Divergence: State Building in China and Japan After 1850--> abstractHIAS-E-51linklink
July 2017Roberto Veneziani and Naoki YoshiharaOne million miles to go: taking the axiomatic road to defining exploitation--> abstractHIAS-E-50linklink
July 2017Roberto Veneziani and Naoki YoshiharaGlobalisation and Inequality in a Dynamic Economy: an Axiomatic Analysis of Unequal Exchange --> abstractHiAS-E-49linklink
July 2017Michele Lombardi and Naoki Yoshihara
Natural implementation with semi-responsible agents in pure exchange economies--> abstractHIAS-E-48linklink
July 2017Michele Lombardi and Naoki Yoshihara
Treading a fine line: (Im)possibilities for Nash Implementation with partially-honest individuals --> abstractHIAS-E-47linklink
July 2017Thomas G. RawskiGrowth, Upgrading and Excess Cost in China's Electric Power Sector --> abstract HIAS-E-46linklink
May 2017Hikmet Gunay and Xin MengWhich good to sell first in a sequential auction?--> abstractHIAS-E-45linklink
May 2017Katsuo Kogure Some Remarks on the Causal Inference for Historical Persistence--> abstractHIAS-E-44linklink
February 2017Xin Meng and Hikmet Gunay Exposure Problem in Multi-Unit Auctions --> abstractHIAS-E-43
January 2017Hodaka Morita and Cheng-Tao TangAsset Specificity, Human Capital Acquisition, and
Labor Market Competition --> abstract
January 2017Tatsuyoshi OkimotoExpected Inflation Regimes in Japan --> abstractHIAS-E-41linklink
December 2016Zhan Qu, Horst Raff, and Nicolas SchmittA Theory of Intermediation in Supply Chains Based on Inventory Control --> abstract HIAS-E-40linklink
December 2016Katsuo Kogure and Yoshito TakasakiConflict, Institutions, and Economic Behavior: Legacies of the Cambodian Genocide --> abstractHIAS-E-39linklink
December 2016

Revised October 2018
Takashi KanoTrend Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics: A New Keynesian Approach --> abstractHIAS-E-38
November 2016 Jay Pil Choi and Doh-Shin JeonA Leverage Theory of Tying in Two-Sided Markets --> abstract HIAS-E-37link
November 2016
Krzysztof Karbownik and Anthony WrayLong-run Consequences of Exposure to Natural Disasters --> abstractHIAS-E-36link
October 2016Peter H. LindertPurchasing Power Disparity: Who Could Consume More before 1914? --> abstractHIAS-E-35linklink
September 2016Yosef Mealem, Shmuel Nitzan, and Takashi UiThe Advantage of Dual Discrimination in Lottery Contest Games --> abstractHIAS-E-34linklink
September 2016Yutaka KayabaHow do People Procrastinate to Meet a Deadline?--> abstractHIAS-E-33linklink
September 2016
revised February 2017
Ricard Gil, Myongjin Kim and Giorgio ZanaroneThe Value of Relational Adaptation in Outsourcing: Evidence from the 2008 shock to the US Airline Industry --> abstractHIAS-E-32linklink
August 2016Jacques Silber and Yongsheng XuThe Health Equivalent Adjusted Level (HEAL): Taking an Ordinal Approach to the Measurement of a Society's Health Achievements--> abstractHIAS-E-31
June 2016Peter H. LindertReal and Imagined Threats to the Welfare State --> abstractHIAS-E-30linklink
May 2016Ye Ma and Herman de JongUnfolding the Turbulent Century: A Reconstruction of China's Economic Development, 1840-1912 --> abstractHIAS-E-29linklink
May 2016Jean-Pascal Bassino and Pierre van der EngAsia's `Little Divergence' in the 20th Century: Evidence from PPP-Based Direct Estimates of GDP per Capita, 1913-1969 --> abstractHIAS-E-28linklink
May 2016P. Guerron-Quintana, Atsushi Inoue, and Lutz KilianImpulse Response Matching Estimators for DSGE Models --> abstractHIAS-E-27linklink
May 2016Yohei YamamotoBootstrap Inference for Impulse Response Functions in Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressions --> abstract HIAS-E-26linklink
April 2016P. Bharadwaj, L.K. Lakdawala, and N. LiPerverse Consequences of Well-Intentioned Regulation: Evidence from India's Child Labor Ban --> abstractHIAS-E-25linklink
March 2016S. Nitzan and U. UedaSelective Incentives and Intra-Group Heterogeneity in Collective Contents --> abstractHIAS-E-24linklink
March 2016Y. Kayaba, H. Matsushima, and T. ToyamaAccuracy and Retaliation in Repeated Games with Imperfect Private Monitoring: Experiments and Theory --> abstractHIAS-E-23linklink
March 2016J. Bassino and J. BatenA Curse of 'Point Source' Resources? Cash Crops and Numeracy on the Philippines 19th–20th Century --> abstractHIAS-E-22linklink
March 2016R. Ben-Yashar and S. NitzanIs Diversity in Capabilities Desirable When Adding Decision Makers? --> abstractHIAS-E-21linklink
March 2016D. Bhattacharya, W.H. Li, and S.G. RheeDoes Better Corporate Governance Encourage Higher Payout? Risk, Agency Cost, and Divided Policy --> abstractHIAS-E-20linklink
March 2016T. KanoExchange Rates and Fundamentals: A General Equilibrium Exploration --> abstract HIAS-E-19linklink
December 2015F. Moriya and T. YamashitaAsymmetric Information Allocation to Avoid Coordination Failure --> abstractHIAS-E-18linklink
December 2015P. A. Guerron-Quintana and R. JinnaiLiquidity Shocks and Asset Prices --> abstractHIAS-E-17linklink
December 2015C. W.S. Chen, M. M.C. Weng, and T. WatanabeEmploying Bayesian Forecasting of Value-at-Risk to Determine an Appropriate Model for Risk Management--> abstractHIAS-E-16linklink
December 2015G. Abebe, B. Tekle, and Y. ManoChanging Saving and Investment Behavior: the Impact of Financial Literacy Training and Reminders on Micro-Businesses--> abstractHIAS-E-15linklink
October 2015P. A. Guerron-Quintana and R. JinnaiFinancial Frictions, Trends, and the Great Recession --> abstractHIAS-E-14linklink
November 2015
T. Kano and K. WadaThe First Arrow Hitting the Currency Target: A Long-run Risk Perspective
--> abstract
October 2015J. Ishikawa and N. TaruiBackfiring with Backhaul Problems
Trade and Industrial Policies with Endogenous Transport Costs --> abstract
August 2015C. Azemar, R. Desbordes and I. WootonCountry Size and Corporate Tax Rate: Rationale and Empirics --> abstract, paper
September 2015K. Miyagiwa and Y. SatoIllegal Immigration and Multiple Destinations --> abstract
September 2015J. P. Choi and H. GerlachA model of Patent Trolls --> abstract
August 2015J. P. Choi and C. StefanadisMonitoring, Cross Subsidies, and Universal Banking --> abstract
September 2015C. Chen, W. Tian, and M. YuOutward FDI and Domestic Input Distortions: Evidence from Chinese Firms--> abstract
August 2015R. Belderbos, V. Gilsing, and Y. WanDirect and Mediated Ties to Universities: 'Scientific' Absorptive Capacity and Innovation Performance of Pharmaceutical Forms --> abstractHIAS-E-6linklink
August 2015K. Miyagiwa and Y. WanPharmaceutical Patents and Generic Entry Competition: the Role of Marketing Exclusivity --> abstract2015-05linklink
July 2015Y. YamamotoAsymptotic Inference for Common Factor Models in the Presence of Jumps --> abstractHIAS-E-4linklink
February 2015X. Chen and A. WoodlandPopulaton Aging, Education and Skill Premium in International Trade --> abstract2015-03link
May 2015K. Miyagiwa, A. Sissoko, and H. SongThe Free-Rider Problem and the Optimal Duration of Research Joint Ventures: Theory and Evidence from the Eureka Program --> abstract2015-02linklink
May 2015A. Creane and K. MiyagiwaExporting versus Foreign Direct Investment: Learning through Propinquity --> abstract
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